We start Poinsettias every August! We grow 5 different sizes in Red, Pink and White plants.  Our availability varies by size and color, so it is important that you call or stop by to place your order.

6" - Single Plant

8" - Double Plant.

12" - 7 Plants per Pot

10" Hanging Basket - 3 plants per pot

12" Hanging Garden- 9 plants per pot

Poinsettia Care Instructions


When removing the protective sleeves from your Poinsettias, due care is necessary to avoid breakage.  Some people find it helpful to cut the sleeves from the bottom up.  Do not expose Poinsettias to extreme temperatures.  Keep them away from drafts and heat sources.  Water the plant only when the soil is dry, do not trap water in the foil pot covers or plastic trays.  Poinsettias can be planted outside after the holidays, as long as they are protected from freeze and frost and do not receive light during the nighttime hours. (i.e. motion lights)

We grow 6" and 8" Easter Lilies & 8" Hydrangeas in White, Pink, and Blue. 

Albritton's Nursery


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